State v. R.W.

The defendant was charged with murder. Case went to trial and after jury verdict defendant was found not guilty.

State v. R.W.

Defendant was charged with murdering his stepfather by strangulation. Case went to trial and evidence showed that the strangulation was accidental. Jury found him not guilty. Defendant walked out of court a free man after spending years in prison awaiting trial.

State v. L.L.

Police officer charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Mr. Trevilla was successful in getting the case reduced to a reckless driving with probation.

State v. M.C.

The defendant was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was involved in an incident on the road and shot at someone. Defendant was acting in self defense when the other person in the vehicle was the aggressor and defendant was in fear for his life. The defense successfully filed and argued a Stand Your Ground Motion and won. The charges were dismissed.

State v. A.C.

Defendant was a firefighter who was charged with sexual battery. He met someone online and had sexual relations with her. She later claimed it was not consentual. After extensive litigation and depositions the Trevilla Law Firm was able to get the case dismissed.

State v. L.A.

Defendant was an elderly man who was involved in an incident in a vehicle. He allegedly shot at another car and was charged with Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon. Defense prepared extensive mental health mitigation and was able to convince the state to place defendant in a program for mental health counseling. Once completed, his case will be dismissed.

U.S. v. M.P.

Defendant was charged in Federal Court with Mail Theft. After the Trevilla Law Firm successfully argued in federal court a Motion for Variance, he was placed on probation and was able to avoid spending time in federal prison.

U.S. v. H.R.A.

Defendant was charged in Federal Court with Conspiracy to Traffic in Cocaine, 15 kilos. After successfully filing and arguing a Motion for Variance, Defendant was placed on probation.

State of Florida vs. MC F03-7532

Mr. MC was charged with Burglary with a Battery , a 1st degree Felony punishable by life in prison. Mr. MC was alleged to have broken into a house and battered an elderly man. MC was defended by Mr. Trevilla and after a trial MC was found to be NOT GUILTY.

State of Florida vs. MR F00-29205A

Mr. MR was charged with Drug Trafficking. He was allegedly selling cocaine in an amount in excess of 28 grams. Mr. MR was defended by Mr. Trevilla in trial and found to be NOT GUILTY.