Another Win for the First Amendment and photojournalist Carlos Miller

Another not guilty for PhotoJournalist Carlos Miller and the first amendment.   Click here for a link to videos from the trial.   Mr. Miller was arrested for videotaping an arrest during the Occupy Miami protests.  He was documenting the eviction of protesters from the Government Center when he was arrested and charged with Obstruction of Justice.  The case should have never gone to trial.  The case should have been dismissed in advance of trial.  For some reason the case was prosecuted.  My job is not to judge the reasons for the prosecution but to defend the prosecution.  I was fortunate enough to get a rare insight at what the jury was thinking.  The jury foreperson approached me after the verdict in parking lot.  She explained the decision was influenced in large part by  Glen Garvin, our defense witness.  Glen Garvin, a Miami Herald columnist,  was present on the night of Mr Millers arrest.   According to the Jury Foreperson his testimony was critical because it gave the jury an understanding of the chaos and confusion that night.  Despite the confusion on the night of the incident there was no question in the jury’s mind that Mr. Miller was not guilty.

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