Trevilla & Trevilla PA

Experienced Federal and State Criminal Defense Attorney in Florida

Trevilla & Trevilla has been representing clients in State and Federal court for a combined 30 years. Mr. and Mrs. Trevilla are a husband a wife firm. They have the experience, relationships, and knowledge to help you avoid, jail, probation and many times get your case dismissed. Working in South Florida immigration consequences are a real threat and a plea or guilty or no contest can result in eventual deportation. Many times the firm’s clients cannot accept any plea because it will result in severe immigration consequences. Mr. and Mrs. Trevilla know how to navigate the system so that it doesn’t adversely affect their non citizen clients. Most of the time a dismissal is the only option for our clients. We fight hard to ensure our clients walk away satisfied, content and free of any collateral consequences. After we are done with your case we work swiftly to get your case sealed and expunged.

In Federal Court we work to ensure our clients avoid incarceration. We use every resource available to us including investigators and mitigation specialists to reduce your possible criminal exposure. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are complex and you deserve a lawyer who has the experience to help you avoid harsh penalties such as jail, property liens, and criminal forfeiture.