Another NOT GUILTY in a DUI trial

Last week our firm obtained a not guilty verdict on a DUI case.  Mr. G.L. was arrested by the Doral police department and charged with DUI.  He was arrested for a crime he did not commit.  He was stopped by a female officer without probable cause.  The officer did not video tape the stop as is required by Department policy.  A second officer conducted the roadside DUI exercises.  However the defendant’s DUI testing wasn’t video taped either. The defendant testified and evidence of his back and knee injuries were presented to the jury.  The jury was left without any evidence and a whole lot of reasonable doubt.  However, reasonable doubt didn’t carry the day.  Preparation, Precise cross examinations, compelling closing arguments and a genuine belief in a clients innocence is a perfect recipe for success in a DUI defense.  Congratulations G.L.  Justice was served.  Judge Dawn Denaro was the presiding judge and gave a very fair and balanced trial for both sides.  As a former prosecutor her understanding of the rules of evidence and procedure was never in question.

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