State of Florida vs. JA 529139W

Mr. JA was charged with DUI. The police said that Mr. JA was under the influence of Alcohol while driving his motor vehicle. Mr. Trevilla defended Mr. JA and after a trial a jury found Mr. JA NOT GUILTY.

State of Florida vs. RN

Mr. RN was charge with DUI. Mr. Trevilla defended Mr. RN and got his case discharged/dismissed on the speedy trial rule.

State of Florida vs. CM

Mr. CM was charge with DUI. Mr. Trevilla defended Mr. CM and got his case discharged/dismissed based on the speedy trial rule.

State of Florida vs. GC

Mr. GC was charge with DUI. Mr. Trevilla defended Mr. GC and got his case discharged/dismissed based on the speedy trial rule.

State of Florida vs. OG F00-1582A

Mr. OG was charged with sale of cocaine within 1000 feet of a school.
Police alleged that Mr. OG sold cocaine to an undercover police officer. There was a video, drugs and live testimony by several police officers at the trial. Mr. Trevilla defended Mr. OG and after a trial a jury found Mr. OG on all counts NOT GUILTY

State of Florida vs. DB F00-11153

Mr. DB was charged with two counts of Felony Battery on a Police officer and two counts of Felony Resisting with Violence. The police claimed that Mr. DB had battered them then resisted their arrest by using violence. Mr. Trevilla defended Mr. DB and a jury found Mr. DB only guilty of Misdemeanors and not guilty of the FELONIES.

State of Florida vs. DE F01-3061

Mr. DE was charged and tried by the state for Aggravated Battery and simple battery. After the introduction of the evidence by the state Mr. Trevilla convinced the judge to dismiss the case because the evidence was insufficient to support a verdict. The judge agreed with Mr. Trevilla and granted Mr. Trevilla’s motion for a judgment of acquittal. Mr. Everett was acquitted of all charges.

State of Florida vs. NT F02-34970

The State of Florida charged NT with Trafficking in Cocaine after apprehending her at the Miami International Airport coming from Columbia with a substantial amount of cocaine. Mr. NT was alleged to be in possession of enough cocaine to get her a 25 year minimum mandatory if convicted at trial. The state offer was a 25 year minimum mandatory. Unable to bond out of jail NT waited in jail for a year. Mr. Trevilla successfully argued to a judge that her incident was an isolated event and not likely to reoccur. Mr. Trevilla presented evidence of her academic history and convinced the judge that she had a bright future ahead of her. A judge after listening of Mr. Trevilla’s argument sentenced her as a youthful offender and only gave her 366 days in state prison despite the objection of the state attorney..

State of Florida vs JM F05-5317

The State of Florida charged Mr. JM with Felony Lewd and Lascivious exhibition to a child under the age of 16 years old, and Felony Lewd and Lascivious conduct with a child under 16 years old. No one believed Mr. JM as he professed his innocence to all who would listen. Mr. Trevilla defended Mr. JM. Mr. Trevilla convinced the State of Florida to reduce Mr. JM’s charges from a felony sex offense against a minor to a simple misdemeanor battery.

State vs. MB F05-29543

Mr. MB was charged with Aggravated Battery. The alleged victim and the police claimed that Mr. MB had hit the victim over the head with a glass bottle causing lacerations to the victims face. Mr. Trevilla was able to obtain the 911 dispatcher log for the day of the incident and discovered that the alleged victim had stated to a police dispatcher that someone else had in fact hit her with the bottle. Mr. Trevilla showed that information to the state. Armed with that information, Mr. Trevilla was successful in convincing the State Attorney to dismiss all charges against Mr. MB.