State of Florida vs. M. D. F0636645

Defendant was charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. Defendant and Co-Defendant’s had a confrontation with unknown subjects. Co-Defendants altercation resulted in victim being stabbed in his chest and back. The injuries were severe. Defendant provided a post Miranda statement admitting to his involvement in this incident implicating the co-defendants. Mr. Trevilla persuaded the State Attorney to dismiss the defendant’s case after he completed a program.

State of Florida vs. W. L. F08-009760

Police was dispatched to defendant’s house for an alarm. The front and back door were open, the police called k-9 and went in. the police found several bags of marijuana and cocaine and drug paraphernalia inside the defendant’s closet. The defendant was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Mr. Trevilla convinced the State Attorney that the police violated the defendant’s constitutional right against illegal searches and seizures. The State dismissed the case in the first 21 days. Mr. Trevilla also sealed the defendant’s record.

State of Florida vs. C. M.

The defendant was working as a journalist for time magazine. He had completed his job for time magazine when he noticed that the police were arresting someone. He decided to document the arrest because he was writing a story about the changes Biscayne Boulevard was undergoing including the increased police presence in the area. He was accosted by the police and arrested for doing nothing other than his job. The State insisted on having the defendant plead guilty to all four charges against him. The defendant refused and insisted his actions were protected by the first amendment freedom of the press. Mr. Trevilla went to trial. The jury found the defendant not guilty of 3 of the four counts against him. His story can be found at

State of Florida vs. M. R.

The defendant was in Miami on vacation with his entire family including his two children when the police claimed his purchased cocaine, battered a law enforcement officer and assaulted another officer. Mr. Trevilla was successful in convincing the State Attorney to reduce the defendant’s felony charges to misdemeanor in the first 21 days then despite Mr. Trevillas attempts at having the misdemeanor charges dismissed the state insisted on having the defendant admit his guilt. Mr. Trevilla went to trial, convinced a jury the police were lying and a jury found the defendant NOT GUILTY of all charges.

State of Florida vs. A. A. 0662-xdk

The defendant was charged with DUI after being stopped leaving a bar in Miami Lakes. The officers claimed that he did not perform the roadside tests correctly. He was then taken to the station where he blew over the legal limit. Mr. Trevilla went to trial and after a short deliberation the jury found the defendant not guilty.

State of Florida vs. AA 0511XDK

The defendant was involved in an accident where he hit a parked car. The defendant left the scene of the accident and was stopped by the police a short distance later. There was extensive damage to both vehicles. The defendant admitted to leaving the scene of the accident and also admitted, “Ive been drinking a lot.” The officers noticed a smell of alcohol, blood shot eyes and slurred speech. According to the DUI officers the defendant failed the roadside excersises. The defendant refused to blow into the machine. Mr. Trevilla files numerous motions in the case including an accident privilege motion. Mr. Trevilla was able to get the defendant his license back and was successful in getting the state to reduce the charge to reckless driving.

State of Florida vs. NP

The defendant was stopped reference having his high beams on by one of most respected and accomplished DUI officers in Miami Dade County. The defendant performed poorly on the roadside tests. The defendant blew over the legal limit and was found in possession of Marijuana in the car. Mr. Trevilla went to trial and a jury found the defendant not guilty.