State of Florida vs. YF 550353X

YF was charged with DUI. Mr. Trevilla defended Mr. YF. A jury found YF NOT GUILTY.

State of Florida vs. L. L. F0742832

Defendant and victim engaged in a verbal argument which escalated into a physical altercation. Defendant picked up a bottle and struck victim on the head causing a large laceration on the on victim’s right eye. The state and victim pressed to have the defendant convicted. Mr. Trevilla was successful in getting the state and the victim to agree to have the defendant’s charges dismissed once he completed some classes. Aggravated battery. PTI.

State of Florida vs. F. S. 6050XDX

Defendant was involved in a traffic crash while performing a traffic investigation, officers noticed a strong order of alcohol, Defendant conducted a roadside sobriety test, defendant was transported to jail. Mr. Trevilla convinced the State to dismiss the defenadnt’s charges because of an inability to prove the defendant was driving.

State of Florida vs. A. Q. F0610149

Defendant was charged attempted sexual battery. Mr. Trevilla convinced the State to reduce the charges to no sexually related offenses and have the defendant placed on probation instead of being incarcerated.

State of Florida vs. A. B. J086278

Defendant was charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery on an elderly man. The defendant was arrested and taken to the county jail. The defendant and codefendant allegedly entered a store, selected numerous DVD movies, a set of books and put them in a bag. They exited the store when security officers detain them. The co defendant attempted to strike the store security officer and they began to struggle at which three security officers began to struggle with defendant and co-defendant. The defendant struck the elderly security guard injuring him in an attempt to escape. The defendant was charged as an adult with strong armed robbery. Mr. Trevilla was successful in convincing the State Attorneys office to transfer the defendant to juvenile, reduce his charges, have him released and placed on juvenile probation.

State of Florida vs. M. C. F0814645

Defendant was charged with insurance fraud and false police report. The defendant allegedly stole $15,000 dollars when she engaged in a scheme to defraud her insurance company. Mr. Trevilla convinced the state to dismiss the charges after the defendant paid her restitution.

State of Florida vs. M. C. F0741373

Defendant was involved in a traffic altercation. Victim states that defendant followed him to incident location and once there, attacked him with a knife attempting to stab him several times. The defendant was charged with Aggravated assault, burglary, criminal mischief. Mr. Trevilla convinced the state to dismiss the charges after the defendant entered and completed an anger class. The defendant’s case was eventually dismissed and his record sealed.

State of Florida vs. M. C. 1502-EKO

Police officers were called to a crash investigation and upon there arrival, they observed the defendant’s eyes were blood shot red and watery and his speech was slurred. Defendant was asked to take a roadside test in which he agreed. The defendant was then taken to DCJ, the victim has transported to the hospital for treatment to her injuries Mr. Trevilla convinced the state to reduce the defendants charges to reckless driving.

State of Florida vs. G. B. F0816856

Defendant was charged with Battery on a law enforcement officer. The defendant suffered from Bi Polar disorder. The police were adamant about having the defendant convicted and punished. After several attempts to persuade the State and the officers to dismiss the case, Mr. Trevilla eventually convinced the state attorney and the police officers involved to dismiss the defendant’s charges once he completed a diversion program.

State of Florida vs. D. J. 1685-XAV

Mr. J for involved in a traffic accident which resulting in him being charged for DUI. Mr. J was unable to provide road side test due to both knees being injured. The police officer showed up to the trial and Mr. Trevilla was successful in arguing that Mr. Johns case should be reduced to a reckless driving charge because of a technicality in the DUI paperwork.