Today my client was set for trial.  The charge was trespass.  I was ready for trial with witnesses and all, when the case was called up the state called out for it’s witnesses.  I was pretty confident at this point because the state usually doesn’t call out for its witnesses when they have all checked in.  However my heart sank when from the back of the courtroom the two state witnesses, who happened to be Miami Beach Police Officers,  stated they had just arrived.  The witnesses walk up to the front of the courtroom and the state asks…..(ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?)…the state asks “do you have the marijuana?”  The officers,  puzzled, look at the state and say no.  “State Announces a NOLLE PROSSE!”  I grabbed my client and practically dragged him out of the courtroom.   They NOLLE PROSSED it because the Officers forgot to bring the marijuana to trial.  Remember my client is on trial for Trespass.  Anyway, im not complaining.  Next week when my aggravated assault case gets called up for trial and the state announces ready i will a ask, “well…do you have the marijuana?”

LOL.  A day in the life a criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade.

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